Worldwide Comic Book Conventions Listed Alphabetically by Comic Book Show Name

Ad Astra Putting the ‘science’ back in Science Fiction, this Toronto convention hosts a range of guests and panels from books, movies, fashion, and history.

Albany Comic Con This Albany, New York convention is for comic book fans, collectors, and sellers.

Albuquerque Comic Con For fans of comics, movies, science fiction and fantasy, this New Mexico convention is the first of it’s kind in the area.

Alternative Press Expo Held in San Francisco, CA, this convention is great for a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at the comic book and film industry from writers, creators, artists, and more.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con An early-year convention, it happily boasts to be the first comic convention of the year, this Mesa, AZ is all about comics, costumes, sci-fi, films, fantasy, and more.

Anachrocon Atlanta, Georgia’s own convention dedicated to alternate histories, science, music, fashion, sci-fi literature, and steampunk everything.

Arisia A fan-run and fan-made convention where artists, creators, writers, and fans of science fiction can gather in Boston, Massachusetts.

Atlanta Comic Convention Another Atlanta, GA convention with star filled panels and autographs for fans of science fiction films, books, comics, television, and films.

Big Wow! Comicfest Formerly known as “Super Con”, this San Jose, California convention is a two-day art and comic festival for fans on the West Coast.

Boston Comic Con One of the largest conventions in Boston, Mass., this convention is packed with artists, dealers, panels, and more.

British International Comic Show This UK located convention is a must for artists hoping to get a leg up in the comic industry. With such events as portfolio reviews, it’s a great convention for future famous artists.

Capicons Comic Book and Pop Culture Con A Virginia convention for fans of horror, comics, art, and pop culture.

Charlotte Comic Con North Carolina’s own one-day comic show special for buyers and sellers alike.

Chattacon For fans of science fiction and fantasy in the Chattanooga, TN area, this convention has art shows, gaming, and dealers room.

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Pop culture and the comic industry collide in this Chicago, IL convention highlighting science fiction, fantasy, and horror in modern media.

Cleveland Comic, Card, and Nostalgia Show Based in Ohio, this convention is for fans of hard to find collectibles of both modern and vintage eras alike.

Clifton Monthly Comic Expo This monthly run comic convention is great for buyers and sellers in the New Jersey area.

Comic Book and Non-Sports Card Show Maryland’s own longest running convention for fans of comics and collectibles.

Comic Con One of the largest conventions in the nation, this convention is a guaranteed star studded event from both modern and vintage media, creators and writers, comic industry giants, sneak peeks of upcoming films, and a vast dealer room.

Comicpalooza A convention for fans of movies, television, comics, sci-fi, and fantasy in Houston, Texas.

Condorcon A convention aiming to put the science back in sci-fi held in San Diego, California.

Dancon A convention for local artists and comic fans in the downtown Chicago, IL area.

Derby City Comic Con A one-day convention in Louisville, KY for comic collectors, buyers, sellers, and sci-fi fans.

Detroit Fanfare Michigan hosts this convention for comic fans where they can see artists and creators of their favorite series as well as a dealer room to please any and all fans.

Dortcon Dortmund, Germany has it’s own science fiction convention for European fans.

DragonCon A giant convention with stars from science fiction movies, television, and other media, as well as giants in the comic industry. Fans will enjoy the panels, exhibitions, opportunities to buy and sell, as well as costume contests for all to enjoy.

East Hanover Monthly Comic Book Expo A New Jersey convention for fans of comic books in the Tristate area.

Emerald City Comic Con Seattle, Washington has it’s own convention for fans of fantasy, comics and science fiction to enjoy.

Fogcon A convention based more in the literary side of science fiction, this San Francisco con has yearly themes and encourages building communities for fans.

Frolicon Atlanta, Georgia’s own 18+ convention for the adult side of science fiction and fantasy.

Gallifrey One For fans of Doctor Who that are trapped on the American side of the pond, this LA convention is a fan-run expo for all things Doctor Who, sci-fi, fantasy, and more.

Geek Media Expo Tennessee boasts a fan favorite with this star-studded, costume laden, lush with panels and events convention.

Greenville Comic Book and Sports Card Show Greenville, South Carolina holds a con for fans in the SC area seeking comics, trade cards, and hard to find collectibles.

Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre & Zombie Gras Pittsburg, PA hosts a convention dedicated to the modern horror genre. Fans of films, television, books, and comics will enjoy themselves here amongst the undead in the Zombie capital of the world.

Jet City Comic Show Seattle’s own convention where fans can meet creators, artists, and writers of modern and vintage comics as well as burgeoning indie titles and more.

JMV Comic Book Show This Texas convention is for fans and collectors of vintage and modern comics, hard to find collectibles, anime, manga, and more. There are panels and events to please fans of all sorts.

Kapow Comic Con London, England plays host to this convention, a first of its kind in the area, dedicated to comics, television, movies, and pop culture.

Life, the Universe & Everything: The Marion K. "Doc" Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy At Brigham Young University, TX, this convention helps burgeoning writers and creators get their feet wet in the comic industry, as well as having a large number of panels and events about art, literature, science fiction, and fantasy.

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention Even though this is a one-day show, this LA based con has impressive guest lists of famous actors, writers, artists and creators from the fantasy, science fiction, and comic industry.

Marscon Williamsburg, VA holds this convention for fans of science fiction and fantasy in the area. With events like panels with famous artists and writers of modern and classic literature, their programming also includes LARP, art shows, a lush dealer room and gaming areas.

MCBA FallCon Comic Book Party This Minnesota convention boasts over 75,000 feet of artists, creators of comics both vintage and modern, a marketplace for buyers and sellers, autographs, prizes, and give-away gifts for fans.

Mega Con With deluxe guest lists of famous artists and writers from the comic industry, this Florida convention is a must-have for fans in the Southwest area.

Metropolis Super Con Part of a pair of conventions, this Chicago based convention has guests ranging from famous actors from science fiction and horror genres, to creators, artists, and writers from the comic industry ranging from vintage to modern titles.

MidEast Film and Comic Con The first Middle Eastern convention for comics, modern and classic film, and pop culture fans.

Mike Carbo's New York Comic Book Marketplace Buyers and sellers celebrate the conventions hosted by the notorious Mark Carbo for being great conventions to seek out hard-to-find collectibles and modern titles shoulder-to-shoulder.

Millennicon This Ohio convention has art shows for local talents, masquerades for costume enthusiasts both advanced and novice, and more for fans of Sci-fi, fantasy, and comics.

New Orleans Comic Con Wizard World hosts this convention in the Big Easy of Louisiana with star-studded panels from films, television, and comics for fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and art.

New York Comic Con – For those living in the Northeast, this convention in New York City is a must see. With panels, events, art shows, dealer rooms, and more, fans of fantasy, comics, film, and television will be more than satisfied.

Nola Comic-Con This two-day con in New Orleans is a must-attend for fans of comics looking to buy or sell, costume enthusiasts, and artists.

Phoenix Comic Con Arizona gets it’s own star-filled event as actors from famous sci-fi and fantasy titles mingle with artists and creators from the comic industry and anime titles.

Pittsburgh Comic Con A three-day convention for fans of comics, film, and television where they can attend panels with artists and creators, as well as dive into art shows and a dealer room for the collectors in us all.

Planet Comic Con The largest comic and pop culture convention in Kansas City, this con has events and panels to please all fans of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, and literature.

Ravencon A mystery friendly convention for Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fans located in the Richmond, VA area.

Rustycon Seattle fans will not be disappointed with this convention dedicated to Science Ficion and fantasy titles of all kinds, ranging from films and television to comics and books.

San Jose Super Toy & Comic Show For anyone looking for hard-to-find collectibles from any era, this California convention has hundreds of vendors looking for buyers and sellers ranging from LEGO to comics to Godzilla and more.

Sci-Fi on the Rock Canada gets its own convention for Science fiction and fantasy as well, with the convention guaranteed to have stars from television and films as well as artists and creators of famous comic titles.

Shadowcon For fans of feasts, swords, fantasy, and a good helping of meade, this convention in Memphis, TN is a must.

Spooky Empire May-Hem Orlando, Florida fans rejoice, this convention is dedicated to pop culture films and television specializing in horror and sci-fi genres.

Steel City Con A convention for fans of comics, toys, and collectibles, this PA convention is great for buyers and sellers in the Northeast.

Stellarcon High Point, North Carolina is the base of this sci-fi, fantasy, literature, costuming, comics, and anime fans. They aim to please, making sure to have a little bit of something for everyone.

Stumptown Fans of internet comics, local and famous artists, as well as celebs from the comic industry flock to this Portland, Oregon convention every year to take in the sights, panels, exhibits, and of course, the art.

SuperMegaFest A multimedia fan event for those living in the NorthEast, this Boston convention is great for fans of television, movies, music, comics, art, and literature.

Tampa Bay Comic Con Palm trees meet the comic industry at this Tampa Bay located convention for comics, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Texas Comic Con With events ranging from toys to vintage sci-fi television and films, to modern horror movies and modern comics, this Texas convention is filled with events, panels, and more for fans in the South.

Texas Frightmare Weekend Get your Zombie on with this horror and sci-fi convention in Dallas, TX. Meet creators, writers, actors, and more from your favorites films and series.

VA Comic Con A 2-day VA Comic Con with multiple dates throughout the year, a must for comic fans –both buyers and sellers- in the area.

Vulcan Events While Star Trek might be the lead interest at this Florida convention; it is not the only reason fans flock to the sunshine state in order to attend. Star-filled panels and events, autographing sessions, dealer rooms, and costuming are also impressive draws.

Wayne Toy, Sports, and Collectibles Show Wayne, New Jersey plays host to this convention for fans of hard-to-find items, collectibles, and comics in this show that happily happens several times a year.

Weekend of Horrors Fans of Horror, Sci-fi, fantasy and comics will want to flock to this convention in Los Angeles, CA for star filled events, panels, and more.

Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con Wizard World hosts this convention in Anaheim, California where fans can meet famous actors from their favorite sci-fi and fantasy titles, creators, writers and stars from the comic industry, and see some amazing events.

Wizard World Atlanta Comic Con Georgia gets it’s own Wizard World event for fans in the South who need more science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture in their lives. Meet and greets with famous stars, artists, and creators, as well a dealer room boasting hard-to-find items and more.

Wizard World Austin Comic Con For fans in Austin, TX, Wizard World brings a convention for lovers of Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and comics.

Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con The Big Apple Comic Con hosted by Wizard World is always packed with fans of comics, movies, television, and books so get tickets early and often for these events.

Wizard World Big Apple Spring Edition New York City is lucky enough to have two Wizard World events to sate the needs of comic and pop culture fans in the city that never sleeps.

Wizard World Central Canada Comic Con Another convention for fans up north, this Canadian Wizard World convention is sure to please fans of movies and television as well as those who enjoy the comic book industry.

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con In Chicago, Wizard World hosts a star-filled convention with great names from films and television, as well as famous comic artists, writers, and creators.

Wizard World Cincinnati Comic Con This Wizard World event in Ohio is sure to please fans in the area who enjoy horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and comics.

Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con Another Ohio-based convention, brought to you by Wizard World, endeavors to please fans across the genres with star filled events, panels, autographs, and a dealer room for hardcore collectors.

Wizard World Connecticut Comic Con For those in the Tristate area, this Wizard World con brings stars, creators, writers, and artists to fans in this Connecticut based convention.

Wizard World Miami Comic Con Sun and fun plus Wizard World can only mean a convention for the fans of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy in Miami, FL.

Wizard World Mid-Ohio Comic Con Wizard World brings another convention to Ohio, with events and panels with stars from film and televiion as well as artists and creators of famous comic titles, this convention is sure to please fans in the Ohio area.

Wizard World Nashville Comic Con Tennessee receives it’s Wizard World blessing in the form of the convention based in Nashville where fans can meet giants from the comic, film, and television industry.

Wizard World New England Comic Con New England fans get ready for this Wizard World event where the stars come to you in this exciting convention for fans of horror, film, television, comics, and literature.

Wizard World New Jersey Comic Con Wizard World presents a New Jersey convention for fans spanning the genres from film to books, sci-fi to fantasy, and comics to television.

Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con The fabled Big Easy gets a taste of Wizard World’s finest as stars and famous names from the comic and film industry gather for fans to meet in panels, events, and more.

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con Philadelphia, PA has it’s own taste of Wizard World with this convention for the fans. Stars from across the genres of film and television, as well as big names from the comic industry are just some of the guests gathered in attendance.

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con Wizard World is proud to bring to Canada another convention filled with famous names of writers, artists, and creators from the comic industry, as well as stars from films and television both classic and modern.

WonderCon San Francisco is the host to a great event for fans of comics, film, and television. Bring on costumes to the masquerade, panels and events for autograph collectors, and a dealer room for collectors looking for that perfect something to finish a collection.